Kinship Summary

Savages is a Landroval based North American kinship comprised of players from many different nationalities. We formed during August 2016 for the purpose of having a structured and effective raiding kinship that lasts throughout lotros raiding lifespan. Our kinship's main focus is completing end-game group content while striving to understand game/class mechanics to the highest potential. We enjoy teaching and sharing our knowledge amongst our members regardless of experience level.  

Things about us:

  • Raid Loot: Our kin uses a suicide DKP based loot system designed to provide opportunity for all levels of raid participation. Click here for full details.

  • Raid Guides: We provide in-depth guides for each raid fight with members who can assist with mechanics

  • Raid Signups: We use an organized signup system to help those with busy schedules communicate effectively on-site for raid planning

  • Raid Times: Raids are currently Sat/Sun 2-5pm EST and Friday 5-8pm EST

  • Raid Completion: All bosses completed on T2C

  • Teachers: We have members of all classes that are able and willing to teach and mentor on all current mechanics/builds/traits/etc.

  • Mathematicians: Members available for assistance with numbers 

  • Counseling: Group therapy is provided for members after raids who may develop early onset PTSD.

  • PvP: Many members have years of experience and enjoy playing both sides.

Things we look for in kinship applicants:

  • Having any T2C on level raid (previous caps apply) or all of T1 throne experience.

  • Being prepared to show and apply effort towards learning the challenge mechanics.

  • Having a minimum of flower jewellery and featured instance/pelennor armour/flower armour.

  • Being prepared to alter legacies/builds for the success of the raid role.

  • Willing to communicate for content through the use of a microphone.

  • Maintaining a positive and respectful attitude towards all members.

Friends of Kin: Raiding outside of kin.

Those interested in raiding with our kinship without becoming a member can apply to the website and specify this option. Friend of Kin membership includes full DKP bonus and full signup access to raids. General raiding etiquette is to be followed for the courtesy of everyone's time.  Click here for more info.