• Captain is split between two primary raiding lines - Red and Yellow.
  • Red being the more common and less intesive to prepare will be covered primarily.
  • Red Captains role can be split further between two primary functions: Damage Focused or Support Focused.
  • The required legacies are the minimum for a support captain, the minimum requirements.
  • Due note, the most optimal route is owning a DPS Weapon, Support Weapon, DPS Emblem, Blue Emblem (to swap mid combat for healing while red).     

Legendary Weapon:

  • Battle-hardened Outgoing Healing - Required (Support Focused)
  • Battle-hardened Incoming Damage - Required (Support Focused)
  • Captain Area-effect Healing - Required (Support Focused)
  • Muster Courage Fear Resist(works in PVP) - Optional (Support Focused)
  • Melee Skills Critical Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Battle-readied Damage Buff - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Bleed Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Cutting Attack Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Inspire Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Grave Wound Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Might - Optional (Damage Focused)

Legendary Emblem:

  • Vocal Skills Healing - Required (Support Focused)
  • Healing Critical Magnitude - Required (Support Focused)
  • Rallying Cry Healing - Required (Support Focused)
  • Melee Skills Healing - Optional (Support Focused)
  • Words of Courage Healing - Optional (Support Focused)
  • Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Shadow's Lament Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Light-Type Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Time of Need Buff Duration - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Sure Strike Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Bleed Skills Critical Damage - Optional (Damage Focused)
  • Might - Optional (Damage Focused)


  • Setting: True Setting of the North - Highly Prefered
  • Gem: True Gem of the Wizards Vale - Highly Prefered (Any crit gem acceptable)
  • Rune: True Rune of the White Mountains - Highly Prefered (Any attack duration rune acceptable)
  • Device: Westemnet Device of Battle - Highly Prefered (Any acceptable)



Support Focused - Required

Red Captain Support

Damage Focused - Optional

Red Captain Damage



Starting gear can be anything from Flower Armour/T1 Throne/Pelennor. 2x Tower of Orthanc Oathies Reset and 4x Pelennor is the goal.(Ask for help if this is all you are missing). When running multiple captains with the reveal set - Any form of the sure strike set bonus is advised. Either from old PVP gear or Throne red armour.


Starting Jewellry can be a minimum of flower/T1/FI items. Eventually it is prefered to have the fellowship mitigation Big Battle Set.


Crit Cap17,685 - This can be achieved with reliance on buffs / food. 

Finesse - 15000 minimum - Best achieved through 3 essences

Critical Defense/Resistance - 0 - Little to no attacks can crit or be resisted that you encounter

Morale - Varies 

  • Rakothas - None
  • Mumaks - roughly 35k Unbuffed
  • Vadokhar - None
  • Unbroken - 20k Unbuffed - Higher morale the lower your comfort/familiarity
  • Nazguls - None
  • Gothmog - None - Higher Morale the lower your comfort/familiarity


Raid Mitigation Cap25281 - This is best not relied on buffs/food. 

  • Rakothas - Physical Mit
  • Mumaks - Both
  • Vadokhar - Tactical
  • The Unbroken One - Both
  • Nazguls - Tactical
  • Gothmog - Both (Phase Specific)



Any combination of that works for your stats - these are in order of stat efficiency (EV Rating) Resistance is removed from the EV (essence value) rating although resist virtues have the highest value for all classes. These are slightly out-dated but should still roughly apply. Due to not being a primary DPS, the highest mit virtues are ideal for standard raid builds. (Zeal/Fid/Tol/Comp/Inno)

  • Discipline – 1.3 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Zeal – 1.05
  • Valour – .96
  • Fidelity – .82 (+152 Resistance)
  • Innocence – .74 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Fortitude – .74 (+984 Resistance)
  • Compassion – .74