• Yellow Line Required - all the following information is in regards to that line
  • Red/Blue are occasionaly used - Optional (contact members in-game)

Legendary Items:

  • 2H weapon - Highly Prefered overall
  • DW weapon - Prefered during The Unbroken T2C (You can combat swap for just corruptions using any DW weapons including cosmetic ones)


Weapon Legacies:

  • Area of Effect Skill Damage - Required
  • Rend Armour Reduction - Required
  • -20s Battle Frenzy Cooldown - Required
  • Rend Bleed Damage - Required
  • Critical Damage Multiplier - Required
  • Ferocious Strikes Cooldown/Damage - For ST - Prefered
  • Brutal Strikes - For Single Target Traits - Prefered
  • Horn Damage - Optional (Multiple LIs)
  • Might- Optional (Multiple LIs)
  • See traits below and which fights utilize which skills.

Rune Legacies:

  • Fury of Blades Damage From Fervour - Required
  • Raging Blades Damage - Required
  • Blade Wall Damage - Required
  • -20% AoE Power Cost / 3.6% AoE Crit Damage - Required
  • 25.2% Exchange of Blows Melee Damage - Required
  • +5s Horn Stun Duration / -4900 Horn of Gondor Physical Mitigation - Required
  • Might - Highly Prefered
  • Fate/Vit - Acceptable but not recommended
  • Swift Blade Power / Damage - Not Recommended (Power is never an issue raiding when built correctly and the damage was bugged last tested)


  • Setting: Westemnet Setting of Endings (prefered) or True Setting of The North 
  • Gem: True Gem of the Wizards Vale - Highly Prefered (Any Crit Gem Acceptable)
  • Rune: True Setting of the White Mountains - Required 
  • Device: Westemnet Device of Battle - Required



Two trait builds is typically ideal for all fights in which a champion will be on whilst yellow. All Trait points is ideal. If you do not want to carry both traits, use the Single Target trait tree with the according legacies.


Yellow Single Target Traits ( Mumaks, Vado Boss, Unbroken, Boss 6: Chicken, Twins, Gothmog) If you do not like swapping trait trees per situation, use this tree.


Yellow Pure Aoe Traits (Vado Gauntlet Maybe, Boss 2/4/5 Trash Only, Boss 6: Red Room)



Starting gear can be anything from Flower Armour/T1 Throne/Pelennor but will eventually be upgraded to 2x Pel 4x T2 Raid.


Starting Jewellry should be a minimum of flower gear/ or higher. As a DPS class holding key roles the gear, the minimum standard must be higher than Tanks/Healers/Support.


Crit Cap17,685 - This can be achieved with reliance on buffs / food. The ideal route for raiding is through physical mastery essences + reliance on food/flurry.

Finesse - 15000 - Best achieved through 4 essences

Critical Defense/Resistance - 0 - Little to no attacks can crit or be resisted that you encounter

Morale - Varies - most easily achieved through jewellery swaps or pelennor armour swaps (Full glass cannon is the best base build)

  • Rakothas - None
  • Mumaks - roughly 35k Unbuffed
  • Vadokhar - None
  • Unbroken - 20k Unbuffed - Higher morale the lower your comfort/familiarity
  • Nazguls - None
  • Gothmog - None - Higher Morale the lower your comfort/familiarity


Raid Mitigation Cap - 25281 - This is best not relied on buffs/food until you are familiar/comfortable with the fight mechanics.

  • Rakothas - Physical Mit
  • Mumaks - Both
  • Vadokhar - Tactical
  • The Unbroken One - Both
  • Nazguls - Tactical
  • Gothmog - Both (Phase Specific)



Any combination of that works for your stats - these are in order of stat efficiency (EV Rating) Resistance is removed from the EV (essence value) rating although resist virtues have the highest value for all classes. These are slightly out-dated but should still roughly apply.

  • Discipline – 1.3 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Zeal – 1.05
  • Valour – .96
  • Fidelity – .82 (+152 Resistance)
  • Innocence – .74 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Fortitude – .74 (+984 Resistance)
  • Compassion – .74


Rotation + Tactics:

Cooldowns - These are often used together to deal with large pulls or all at the beginning of single boss burns (out of combat swaps or not).  Without swaps - the order goes Controlled Burn > Great Cleave > Exchange of Blows > True Heroics.

Horn of Gondor - This skill is your best friend - On top of being an extremely reliable CC/Interupt it lowers mitigations on most mobs down to zero with rend. This is often called out to the other champion in order to maintain the debuff up permanently. Blade storm is a fairly weak skill with high fervour cost. It is the most useful as a filler OR to get flurry before using cooldowns in preperation for a group of mobs (e.g. mumak adds or unbroken oozings)

General Openning Rotation Example - Controlled Burn/Cleave/Frenzy before/entering combat> Combat starts> Exchange of Blows >True Heroics> Rend > Horn > Frenzy > Fury > Raging > Blade Wall > Feroci(ST situation) > Rend > Swift Blade > Blade Wall. 

Overall dps rotations follow a two simple guidelines: Always pair Horn>Full Fervour Fury. Always aim to follow general Skill Damage Priority.

Skill Damage Priority: 

  1. Horn + Fury
  2. Raging
  3. Feroci (skipped in aoe situations unless there is a target of importance)
  4. Bladewall 
  5. Brutal Strikes
  6. Born for Combat
  7. Swift Blade (Spreads Bleed)
  8. Rend (Only goes before swift blade for dps when rend is already on)
  9. Blade Storm (Not used in Single Target)