• Blue Line Required - all the following information is in regards to that line

Legendary Items:

Bow Legacies: 

  • -25% Focus Bow Power Cost - Highly Prefered
  • +25.2% Induction Bow Damage - Required
  • -6300 Ranged Skill Evade Chance - Required
  • +126% Hunter damage over time - Highly Prefered
  • +50.4% Heart seeker damage - Required
  • +63% Induction Bow Critical Multiplier - Required
  • +63% Focus Bow Critical Multiplier - Required
  • Burnhot Damage (prefered on a swap li, if not put it in place of power cost) -Required

Sword Legacies:

  • +25.2% Barrage - Required
  • +32% Precision Stance Critical Multiplier- Required 
  • -10 Merciful Shot Cooldown - Highly Prefered 
  • Agility - Highly Prefered
  • Fate - Highly Prefered
  • Vitality - Prefered
  • -90 Press Onward Cooldown - Optional



  • Setting: True Setting of The North - Highly Prefered (Dev Relics Acceptable)
  • Gem: True Gem of the Wizards Vale/Mastery Gems - Highly Prefered (Any Crit Gem Acceptable)
  • Rune: True Setting of the White Mountains - Required 
  • Device: Westemnet Device of Battle - Required



One trait build is typically ideal for all fights in which a hunter will be on



Starting gear can be 4 of either t1 armour, pelennor, flower gear and 2 erebor huntsman pieces. Eventually this will be 4 T2 Raid Bowmaster pieces and 2 Erebor Hunstman. Have an extra 2x four slot pieces to replace erebor gear with morale swaps for mumaks.


Starting Jewellry should be a minimum of flower gear or higher. As a DPS class holding key roles the gear, the minimum standard must be higher than Tanks/Healers/Support.


Crit Cap17,685 - This can be achieved with reliance on buffs / food.

Finesse - 11000-15000 - Best achieved through 3-4 essences

Critical Defense/Resistance - 0 - Little to no attacks can crit or be resisted that you encounter

Morale - Varies - most easily achieved through jewellery swaps or pelennor armour swaps (Full glass cannon is the  base build)

  • Rakothas - None
  • Mumaks - roughly 35k Unbuffed
  • Vadokhar - None
  • Unbroken - 20k Unbuffed - Higher morale the lower your comfort/familiarity
  • Nazguls - None
  • Gothmog - None - Higher Morale the lower your comfort/familiarity (30k Red Room)


Raid Mitigation Cap - 23049 - This is best not relied on buffs/food until you are familiar/comfortable with the fight mechanics.

  • Rakothas - Physical Mit
  • Mumaks - Both
  • Vadokhar - Tactical
  • The Unbroken One - Both
  • Nazguls - Tactical
  • Gothmog - Both (Phase Specific)



Any combination of that works for your stats - these are in order of stat efficiency (EV Rating) Resistance is removed from the EV (essence value) rating although resist virtues have the highest value for all classes (confidence/charity/honour). These values are slightly out-dated (100 essences) but should still roughly scale together.

  • Determination – 1.4
  • Tolerance – 1.39
  • Zeal – 1.05
  • Fidelity – .82 (+152 Resistance)
  • Mercy – .75
  • Innocence – .74 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Compassion – .74

Class Tactics:

Cooldowns at beginning of a dps boss:

  1. Weapon swap for Burn Hot, or main weapon Burn Hot
  2. Improved focus
  3. Rapid fire at start of boss phase (will only have with 83 trait points)


Barrage t1 > blood arrow > barrage t2> penshot> Penshot> Penshot > barrage t3 > Bloodarrow/penshot> barrage t3


(PS: reason there is extra skills in between barrage t2 and barrage t3 is that there is a approx 3 second delay between the skill turning into barrage t3. The extra skills allow for this to happen, if you hit barrage too early it will reset to t1 and you will have to start again.)

( HINT: replace Penetrating shot with either blood arrow or a Heartseeker reset EVERYTIME) Priority Heartseeker>Blood arrow


Skill Priorities:

  1. Barrage(get to t3 then use t3 everytime off cd
  2. Heartseeker reset
  3. Blood arrow
  4. Volley Proc No-Induction Barbed Arrow
  5. Penetrating shot