• Yellow Line Required - all the following information is in regards to that line

Legendary Items:


Staff Legacies:

Staffs do not hold a single raid required legacy. They have no affect on the role of the lore-master. At most a staff provides extra damage and stats.

  • Aim for tact mit/morale passives - Highly Recommended
  • All legacies - Optional


Book Legacies:

Two options exist for books 

  1. Using an imbued book but swapping to an unimbued for fire-lore/Bane-flare. 
  2. Only using an unimbued book. (Highly Recommended)


  • Signs of Power Duration (unimbued or imbued) - Required 
  • Bane Flare Targets (unimbued) - Required
  • +5% Fire-Lore (unimbued) - Required
  • Armour Debuff Potency (unimbued or imbued)(unimbued is slightly less potent by an insignificant degree) - Required


  • Setting: True Setting of The North - Highly Prefered 
  • Gem: True Gem of the Wizards Vale - Highly Prefered (Any Crit Gem Acceptable)
  • Rune: True Setting of the White Mountains/any attack duration rune - Highly Prefered 
  • Device: Westemnet Device of Tactics/Protection - Highly Prefered



One trait build is typically ideal for all fights


  • With less trait points, Fire-Lore related/Enfeeble/Ancient-Master/Catmint are the only required traits to be maxed. 
  • Anything extra from red/blue and yellow (such as power and frost-lore) are practically useless/uneeded.

yellow lm


The only gear used for standard raiding on lore-master will be 4x pelennor and 2x ToO Iordur pieces(Best as Helm/Shoulders).


Starting Jewellry should be a minimum of flower gear/Pel/T1 Throne or higher. As a support class gear only provides more stats and does not significantly improve raid performance if at all.


Crit  - ~ - Primarily, Crit will only have a minor impact with miscellanious heals thrown. For more advanced LMs who plan to add damage through Burning Embers this can be useful to cap through swaps/buffs.

Finesse - 15000 - Best achieved through 4 essences

Critical Defense/Resistance - 0 - Little to no attacks can crit or be resisted that you encounter

Morale - 40,000 Minimum Unbuffed - The more the better excluding Vadokhars morale % damage (Lower is better here by removing jewellry)


Raid Mitigation Cap - 20790 - With little other uses for stats, it is easiest to keep it capped unbuffed for all fights

  • Rakothas - Physical Mit
  • Mumaks - Both
  • Vadokhar - Tactical
  • The Unbroken One - Both
  • Nazguls - Tactical
  • Gothmog - Both (Phase Specific)



Any combination of that works for your stats - these are in order of stat efficiency (EV Rating) Resistance is removed from the EV (essence value) rating although resist virtues have the highest value for all classes. These are slightly out-dated but should still roughly apply. Due to not being a primary DPS, the highest mit virtues are ideal for standard raid builds. (Zeal/Fid/Tol/Comp/Inno)

  • Wisdom – 1.18 (+1,326 Resistance)
  • Zeal – 1.05
  • Fidelity – .82 (+152 Resistance)
  • Confidence – .78 (+3,506 Resistance)
  • Innocence – .74 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Compassion – .74
  • Tolerance - ~.6