• Yellow and Blue - all the following information is in regards to these lines

Legendary Items:

Weapon Legacies:

  • Healing Skills Induction - Mandatory
  • Anthem Duration - Mandatory
  • Triumphant Spirit Cooldown - Mandatory
  • Rally Cooldown (swaps too laggy in raid!) - Mandatory
  • Soliloquy of Spirit Healing - Optional
  • Call to Ioreth Cooldown - Optional
  • Still as Death Cooldown - Optional
  • Vitality - Optional

Book Legacies:

  • Healing and Motivational Skills - Mandatory
  • Cry of the Chorus Cooldown - Mandatory
  • Bolster Courage Healing - Mandatory
  • Anthem of War Physical Mastery - Mandatory
  • Anthem of War Tactical Mastery - Mandatory
  • Healing Skills Power Cost - Optional
  • Vitality - Optional
  • Inspire Healing - Optional


  • Setting: True Setting of The North - Highly Prefered 
  • Gem: True Gem of the Wizards Vale - Highly Prefered (Any Crit Gem Acceptable)
  • Rune: True Setting of the White Mountains/any attack duration rune - Highly Prefered 
  • Device: Westemnet Device of Tactics - Highly Prefered 



Yellow - Finish anthem duration with the remainder of your points

Yellow Trait tree unbroken: http://www.lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=6j9


Baseline armor/jewelry (what you will use unless specified otherwise)

  • Two pieces of the T2 throne armor, for the +5% crit chance (any essence gear until then)
  • Four pieces of the featured instance armor for the inspire fellowship stacking three times bonus
  • Citadel cloak with crit rating from the minas tirith books (or the wastes upgraded version)


  • Two pieces of the helm hammerhand big battle set for +10% healing
  • The rest of your jewelry: Flower jewelry > t2 jewelry > FI jewelry


Crit  - 15,000 is ideal (but just don’t go under) 

Finesse - 0 - 

Critical Defense  - 50% is highly recommended but not required

Resistance - 0 - Useless

Morale - 40,000 Minimum Unbuffed - aim for around ~46-48,000

Raid Mitigation Cap - 20790 - With little other uses for stats, it is best to keep it capped unbuffed for all fights

  • Rakothas - Physical Mit
  • Mumaks - Both
  • Vadokhar - Tactical
  • The Unbroken One - Both
  • Nazguls - Tactical
  • Gothmog - Both (Phase Specific)

Boss 1,2,5,6 (Rakothas, mumaks, nazguls, gothmog):

  • The baseline stats are ideal for all the bosses above, the only exception being if you really know the fight and are helping interrupt archers you can use 2 finesse essences

Boss 3 (Vadokhar):

  • 35,000 morale MAXIMUM, you should aim for ~30,000 as you take more damage the more morale you have.

Boss 4 (Unbroken one):

  • 15,000 finesse IF YOU ARE YELLOW
  • You can drop your big battle healing set for this in yellow
  • You will also need the 3 set from the t2 raid for every corruption having a 25% chance to remove an additional one
  • 8,000 finesse if you are blue


Any combination of that works for your stats - these are in order of stat efficiency (EV Rating) Resistance is removed from the EV (essence value) rating although resist virtues have the highest value for all classes. These are slightly out-dated but should still roughly apply. Due to not being a primary DPS, the highest mit virtues are ideal for standard raid builds. (Zeal/Fid/Tol/Comp/Inno)

  • Wisdom – 1.18 (+1,326 Resistance)
  • Zeal – 1.05
  • Fidelity – .82 (+152 Resistance)
  • Confidence – .78 (+3,506 Resistance)
  • Innocence – .74 (+1,638 Resistance)
  • Compassion – .74
  • Tolerance - ~.6


Blue Minstrel

  • If anthem of war is not up, you should anthem of war, then anthem of the third age when you are hitting anthems to give your group the buff
    • Anthem of third age should have as high up time as possible(only used the coda if needed, don’t spam coda every time it’s up)
  • Hit bolster courage, be aware of the AoE effect and where you stand
    • You can bolster, then move to get the initial effect somewhere, but then make the AoE effect go off somewhere else
    • You can also make the AoE effect go instantly by hitting an immediate skill after it, but only do this IF IT IS NEEDED, or it is inefficient time wise
  • If everyone is full hit inspire fellowship to stack the incoming damage effect
  • If everyone is full and inspire fellowship is on cooldown, stack Soliloquy of spirit on the tank (s) for the mitigation buff

Yellow Minstrel

  • Anthem of the third age, then anthem of war
    • This will let you keep up 2 anthem of the third ages on yourself and keep up all 3 anthem of wars on your group
  • Inspire should be your main heal since your bolster isn’t AoE
  • In most fights, you shouldn’t have to heal dps at all as revealing mark will be 500% of the healing that you can on them, so don’t waste your time.