Those interested in raiding with our kinship without becoming a member can apply to the website and specify this option. Friend of Kin membership includes full DKP bonus and full signup access to raids. General raiding etiquette is to be followed for the courtesy of everyone's time. 

Notes about this:

ALL DKP RULES APPLY for everyone in and out of kin. Check the navigation pannel in member guidelines.

Kinship members get full priority for raid spots. The only exception to this is the class makeup.

Priority for non-kin members is class above all else. If you sign up early as a dps and a tank who was late is needed the tank gets to come. (Otherwise no one would be finishing the boss)

When signing up for raids please specify what classes you are able to bring using the signup note.

     (List what toons you are able to raid on for that day and would not mind using)

     (DO NOT list toons that have locks or you will not want to bring.)

     (Do not signup to raids with all your characters)