Earning DKP



1. Starter DKP: 10 DKP Initially (one event only), every PLAYER receives 10 DKP that they can start spending since their very first raid. This offers a good opportunity to get loot on the very first run.


2. Time: 1 DKP/hour Players will be awarded 1 DKP per raid hour. This does not include AFK breaks. In general, time is rounded down (math floor), unless otherwise specified by the leader. Specifically for progression fights (strategy-building/testing), the hourly rate will be set to 2 DKP/hour.


4. Overflow: 1-2 DKP/hour Players that have not been selected for the starting group may still earn Time DKP at the same rate as the players in the raid, based on the following conditions: - Showing up on time for the raid (see B2. Attendance); - Being online and available to jump in, if asked to replace someone; - Short AFKs are allowed, as long as they are explicitly announced in kinship chat, tell to the raid leader, or in teamspeak.


5. First Kin Challenge Bonus: 5 DKP For the first successful completion of challenge mode of a boss fight in the raid, players that were in the raid will receive a bonus of 5 DKP. This is implemented to encourage players to put the effort in progressing and eventually completing the challenge.


6. Boss Kill: DKP varies from boss to boss


6a. Rakothas: T2 -50 DKP, T2C 1 DKP

6b. Mûmakils: T2 2 DKP, T2C 7 DKP

6c. Vadokhar: T2 3 DKP, T2C 5 DKP

6d. Unbroken: T2 1 DKP, T2C 7 DKP

6e. Nazguls: T2 3 DKP, T2C 5 DKP

6f. Gothmog: T2 3 DKP, T2C 5 DKP


Loot Procedures

After killing a boss all chests will be opened with Master Loot rule. Raid currency (Ithil-coins) is going to be assigned to each character in the group before any items go to auction. Once this is done, the leader will link ALL items in raid chat. At this point, it is very important to keep the chat clear to avoid confusion. The order of items to be auctioned will generally follow the desirability/rarity of the items, starting with the most desirable. The purpose is to encourage more suicides and to allow people with less DKP to still have a shot at some loot.


Spending DKP:  Once the loot order is established, the leader will then link the items to be auctioned and announce who will receive tells for the bids/suicides. Players will then have a reasonable amount of time (~30 seconds) to send tells with the amount of DKP they would be willing to forfeit for the item. Tells may contain 2 types of bids:


1. Suicide bid (10+ DKP): Players have the option to bid ALL of their current DKP (suicide), taking priority over normal bids, for a better chance at the loot. The winner(s) will have their DKP set to 0.

2. Normal bid (2-9 DKP): Players have the option to bid any amount between 2 and 9 DKP, regardless if they have more than 9 DKP overall. The winner(s) will have the bid amount deducted from their current DKP.




Items that go for DKP:


Gold Class Item

Gold Bracelet

Ornate Inlays

Masterwork Armour

Star-Laden Tapestry

Cosmetic Pets

Stat Tomes



Items that are rolled on all at once:

T1 Armour

Teal Jewelry

Housing Items


Ithil Coins are passed out

Crafting mats are rolled on separately before all other loot