Raiding starts at the posted time, e.g.: 8:00PM Eastern - That means you are online and ready to go 10 to 15min. before raiding start time. First mob kill is at 8:00PM, not 8:15PM.

Raid Ready - Always check the Raid and Instance Strategies thread for the latest description of what you need to bring to the raid, make sure you are ready to go by meeting all these requirements (scrolls, tokens, tome of defence, tome of attack etc...)

Raid makeup will be posted 5 to 15 min before raid time.
Everyone needs to stay OFF anonymous during raids. We are inspecting to insure raid readiness and proper gearing.

Raiding time (3 hours) - Always plan to raid for 3 hours. We will respect those limits, always. If you can't raid for that duration, don't sign-up or make a note of it in your sign-up details so we can plan accordingly. The last thing we want is 11 people fired up to go kill a boss only to find out 1 person has to go early. Real life events happen and that's fine, spouse aggro is NOT a life event. When we get that deep in a raid or late at night, it can be difficult to find people that are still alive on overflow to replace you.

AFK's - We all need to visit the bathroom, get a drink, a smoke; please be conscious of the other 11 people waiting for you to keep moving through the raid. Again, if you have too much going on that night, you shouldn't sign-up. AFK's should be 2-3 min. max unless you have a real-life event that you must attend too or the raid leader calls for a longer AFK break (which happens regularly). We are all reasonable and understand that real-life takes precedent, but extended AFK's all the time simply doesn't work. Be conscious of the time you are taking away from the other 11 people you are raiding with. Please type in Raid chat if you are AFK, it can be hard for the Raid Leader to keep track of all AFK's that are mentioned in Vent. Simply type Back in Raid chat when you are back.

Getting replaced - During raid, if you need to step out for any reason, you need to ask the Raid Leader for a replacement. Do not reach out to other members or overflow members directly to be replaced.

Extra - When we wipe in a raid DO NOT RELEASE until everyone is dead. It is extremely frustrating when it takes several minutes to reset an instance because mobs are running back and forth and people are stuck in combat. Once everyone is dead, regardless of where we are in the raid, retreat! Do not wait for people to run back and rez you.
Turn OFF distracting chat channels... We need your focus.

Above all, we want to create an environment that allows us to be successful while maintaining an enjoyable raiding experience for everyone. That can only be achieved if we all play by these simple rules.